When a film has one defect, people say it’s badly made; but when it has many, they say it has invented a new style.


Olympia - Atlantis



Olympia is Olivia Bartley from Melbourne. She’s just released her self titled debut EP. Olivia’s music career began at a broken piano accompanying aspiring TV-evangelists at an empty church as a kid”. Enjoy this sweet tone and beautiful look.

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“The nine photographs of the TV project Self Burial by Keith Arnatt were transmitted daily beginning 11th of October ending 18th of October 69. Each photograph was shown 2 seconds at 8.15 and 9.15pm without any introduction or commentary. The stills of Keith Arnatt were cut into the running daily TV program.” —from the colophon of back of this book. This project was aired on WDR Fernsehen - a regional West German TV channel. 

somebody should probably make a GIF of this. -ds 

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